Special Events in Toms River NJ

*Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Limited enrollment.

Holistic Healing Toms Rivers NJ Dream

Saturday, May 18th from 6pm to 7:30pm

Topic: Supporting your Dreamscape: Yoga Nidra Meditation, Reiki, Acupuncture & Sound Bath with Cristin Stackles, CRMT and Jana Fenning, L.AC

Price: $75

Join Cristin and Jana for an evening of relaxation and supporting your dreamscape. During this workshop, Cristin will be guiding participants through a Yoga Nidra meditation with Reiki touch. In this practice, participants lie down in a comfortable position while being lead through a journey of awareness focused on the breath, body, and visualizations. The aim of Yoga Nidra is to reach a state between wakefulness and sleep, where the body and mind can relax. This promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being. Jana will be offering Acupuncture during this event to help open the meridian channels to support a more restful sleep.