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What is sound healing in Toms River NJ? Sound Healing is a powerful therapy that combines different healing sounds music and sound healing instruments to improve our multidimensional well-being by creating a relaxing experience where all layers of our energy field (body, mind, soul, spirit) are awakened gently. Integral Sound Healing is highly effective at triggering our relaxation response which counters the many symptoms caused by chronic stress while helping to balance our whole being. Sound Healing instruments that are easy to play can be applied both on the body and off-the-body whilst also incorporating vocal sounds and tones. Sound Therapy techniques are delivered using instruments such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls gongs drums tuning forks and more both during a one-on-one sound healing session or a group sound bath.

Everyone Is Welcome To Our Sound Classes

The classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. The classes are easy to follow and do not need prior knowledge or experience. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and any other tools needed to sit comfortably for an hour's practice.


Drop in for $30 or click "View Products/Packages" to purchase a package of 3 classes for $75 ($25 per class).
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Meet Valerie Redzinak in Toms River NJ

Holistic Healing Toms River NJ Val Team
Director of Sound Healing

Valerie Redzinak, CRMT

Valerie's love for music started as a child- dancing in the kitchen, playing the pots and pans. The love for sound instantaneously became second nature to her. If she wasn't actually found outside in nature, Valerie was exploring music by listening, dancing, playing different genres, and investigating cultures, influences and instruments, along with their vibrations.

Acknowledging that music has the ability to express and enhance emotion, it was a natural progression that her journey lead her to sound therapy. Valerie encourages each of us to fully listen, to feel and to be open for sound, to help in our process of healing. She hopes you will join her on her path of exploration and embrace sound and all its power! "Not all sound is music, but all music is sound."

Sound Healing Studio

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Less Tension

Reduction in Anxiety

Less Depression

Less Fatigue

Increase in Spiritual Well-being