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What is Breathwork & Movement In Toms River NJ? Intentional breathing includes many different types of intentional breath exercises including yogic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, calming breathes, and many others. Breathwork has a variety of health benefits. It can help improve your quality of living. It helps the body reduce stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, PTSD, immune responses, cardiovascular and lung ailments, and many more. With a breathwork coach, an individual can learn techniques that can be practiced on their own to establish a mindfulness practice.

After years of suffering from physical and emotional pain, together with inflammatory ailments, Holly was introduced to a Movement, Breathwork & Meditation practice, and her life was drastically changed. The physical pain was released, as was her emotional pain. While the inflammation was decreased through this practice, changing her eating habits helped resolve this ailment. She learned that breathwork, coupled with intentional movement and meditation, has profound impacts on the body, mind and spirit. Movement wakes up our lower chakras and helps ground us for preparation of working with our higher chakras. Breathwork primes us for moving out of our conscious "monkey brain" state into a subconscious state which is supportive for a mediation practice. When dietary changes are made, even more healing and growth is found.


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Meet Holly Drawbaugh in Toms River NJ

Holistic Healing Toms River NJ Holly Drawbaugh
Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner,
Certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist,
Director of Bodywork Facilitation

Holly Drawbaugh, CRMT

For the last ten years Holly has mastered the implementation of bodywork and enhancements through her personal growth, naturopathic remedies and enrichments, and energy work. 

Her passion is to share the many benefits that she has applied as a technique and pleasure for herself and family, so others can experience the healing and gratification that comes from naturally high vibrational energy that is readily available to all. Seven years ago Holly was introduced to Reiki, which has had a big impact on her healing journey and Holly began to add enhancements to the naturopathic remedies she was already implementing. Holly completed her CRMT five years ago, has assisted and instructed Reiki certifications, and, after recognizing the benefits she experienced personally, has grown into her role as CRMT with much wisdom and compassion for others. Holly also possesses a special talent working and connecting with animals on both sides through Reiki. Holly is a bodywork facilitator in totality. She is a certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist and teaches essential oil workshops and creative make-and-take classes. It is Holly's mission to share these enhancements to support a healthy lifestyle. She is a Crystal Healing Practitioner and instructs many different classes on crystals from beginning basics to highest vibrational resonance. When you meet Holly, she will likely have essential oils, a pendulum and beautiful crystals to share with you. She is also big on gifting and gridding. In the past year, Holly was introduced to the Kairos Training Culture by her daughter that is currently attending Life University Chiropractic. These healing modalities have helped her magnify the quality that she can offer others in energy healing. Holly's healing ways embody an intentional daily living philosophy for others. These techniques include intentional eating, movement, breathwork and meditation. She has found that through such practices, she has greatly grown and succeeded in releasing the chronic physical and emotional pain that was present in her life for over 25 years. She is excited to share these techniques with everyone.

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