Meditation Classes In Toms River NJ

Holistic Healing Toms Rivers NJ Meditation Classes

What is meditation in Toms River NJ? Meditation practice is about learning to be aware of what's going on in the present moment and to maintain that awareness regardless of the mind's tendency to wander. The mind is naturally creative and has the ability to latch on to errant thoughts that easily give rise to daydreaming and distractions and run with them. Through our practice, we learn that we can be aware of these distractions and remain present nonetheless. We can choose to not run with them but sit with them for a time.

Everyone is welcome to our meditation classes in Toms River NJ

The classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. The classes are easy to follow and do not need prior knowledge or experience. Participants should wear comfortable clothes, and bring a yoga mat and any other tools needed to sit comfortably for an hour's practice.


Meet The Practitioners

Holistic Healing Toms River NJ Joanne Kelleher
Wellness Instructor

Joanne Kelleher, CRMT, ACH

Joanne Kelleher, CRMT, ACH has enjoyed practicing for over 15 years. Her teaching methods offer simplified approaches to modalities using applied practice through interactive exercises. Everyone participates in giving and receiving healing.

Holistic Healing Toms River NJ Jennifer Chamberlin
Wellness Coordinator

Jennifer Chamberlin, CRMT

Jennifer Chamberlin, Wellness Coordinator: Jennifer Chamberlin, CRMT is our Wellness Coordinator and Director of Integrative Research and Development. Jennifer started her own self-healing with Reiki 12 years ago.

She completed Reiki Level 1 to CRMT while providing one-on-one services as a Reiki practitioner and has always felt called to teach and mentor others in their healing and teaching journey. As a Wellness Coordinator she encompasses a great passion to research, develop and implement well-rounded self-care plans and workshops that integrate overall well-being easily. She continues to work on the integration of Eastern and Western approaches by developing as many opportunities as possible that one can implement, by varying treatments that are empowering and healing.

Jennifer's approach includes energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually understanding one's self. She has worked in service to others in crisis situations during difficult rehabilitation both creatively and recreationally. She finds great joy in servicing the underserved, opening the minds of the inquisitive, and also serving the general public. She has taught adult education personal enrichment classes, developed research-based workshops, instructed meditations, certified many people to different levels of Reiki, facilitated healing circles for non-certified individuals, and provided rhythmic drum circles while increasing and coordinating wellness opportunities that are easy to implement in a regular daily practice.

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